Sunny Hostin

Pay It Forward

The Cinderella Foundation

It started with one girl. Her over-exposure to crime, drugs and prostitution and under exposure to positive images, academic success and high self esteem, moved me to act. Today the program works with girls through ongoing mentoring, academic enrichment and strengthening their self-esteem. Our goal is to develop a self-confident, well-mannered, well-informed young woman and prepare her to achieve success in all future endeavors. [ more ]

Dillard University Board of Trustees

Dillard University has appointed CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin to its Board of Trustees.

Sunny Hostin, CNN legal analyst, is an attorney and multi-platform journalist. As legal analyst for CNN’s “American Morning,” she is known for her detailed analysis of high-profile trials and legal issues. Hostin earned an undergraduate degree in Communications from Binghamton University and her juris doctorate from Notre Dame Law School. [ more ]

Dillard President Announces Enrollment Increase, Upcoming Events

Dillard University increased its enrollment to 1,200 students this year, and boosted its number of presidential scholars, who earn free tuition and free room and board, to 18, according to university president Walter Kimbrough.

He delivered the news in a "Welcome Back" message addressed to students and the media on Wednesday (Sept. 17). The message also listed upcoming events, along with awards and new programs that Kimbrough sees as encouraging signs for the new academic year. [ more ]

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